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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Tebbit and Libertas

Norman Tebbit's advice to vote for an alternative party last night points directly at Libertas! Whilst dear old Norman probably secretly lusts for a relationship on the side with UKIP, most of us know what a dead-end affair that would be.

Europe is like the English weather, you may love it or loath it but you cannot ignore it: you have to deal with it!

Libertas is the only solution: UKIP cannot fix it and the Conservatives wont fix it. Libertas, as a pan European party, is running around 550 candidates in this election, more than five times the next largest party. 15% of the vote across Europe will give us around 120 seats; if UKIP get 15% in the UK, they'd have around 10! If the Conservatives get half the vote, they end up with 36 seats: 36 seats vs 120! One party from one country out of 191 parties in 27! Libertas will be a single, homogeneous party with MEP's across Europe.

- Andrew Jamieson

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