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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

John Dowdle

After gaining a BA Honours degree in Politics and Government as a mature student, John worked at Harrow College as a Lecturer in Politics and Business Studies. During the same period, John gained a Master of Arts degree in Politics and Government, as well as a Certificate in Education (Post-Compulsory Education). John wrote a textbook on British Politics and Economics Since 1945, as well as politics-related articles for political journals and newspapers like The Guardian. John Dowdle took early retirement in 1997 to devote more time to his activities as a local Watford Councillor (1995 to 1999) and to spend more time with his wife. Unfortunately, John’s wife died in 2001 and he has remained a widower since.

Since 2002, John has worked as the manager of a local community centre in Watford and served as chairman of a local primary school governing body for four years. Originally slightly euro-sceptic, John has become a euro-realist, in the sense that he recognises that all people living in Europe need to come together in a common cause to defend and promote civilised European humanist values. John has young relatives with children of their own and it is for their sake that John has decided to re-enter the political fray under the banner of Libertas.

Libertas is the only Europe-wide political party committed to a renewed European Union, primarily based on the values of democracy, transparency and accountability.
The annual waste of €500 million spent moving euro-parliamentarians and support staff between Brussels and Strasbourg each month is one of the prime targets that John and Libertas believe needs to be addressed.

The failure of the European Commission to achieve properly audited accounts for 14 years is also an example of the type of current inefficiency and contempt with which such institutions treat the democratic electorate of Europe.

The present appalling waste of hard-pressed European tax payers’ money is a scandal which John and Libertas are determined to root out to ensure that all taxpaying European citizens receive proper value for their money.

John Dowdle and Libertas are committed to changing the bad old ways of the current euro-clique so that the voice of the European people will finally find expression through the European Parliament after 4th June 2009.

It is time to support change. It is time to support Libertas. It is time to vote Libertas

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