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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

John Harmer

My name is John Harmer and I am the Libertas candidate in Eastern England for the election on 4 June. I thought I should tell you a bit about myself to help you make an informed decision in the ballot box.

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and am now semi retired, and have lived in Essex most of my life. I am married to Sandra and this year we will celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary. We have two sons and two grandchildren with a third due on the day of the European elections. I believe a strong and democratic European Union is essential for the future of my sons and especially my grandchildren. I was bought up in Ilford and attended school in Woodford Green (both then part of Essex!). After school I attended the University of Bristol and graduated in Economics and Accounting After qualifying I emigrated to Canada. Subsequently and for most of my career I worked in the City of London in leading merchant banks. For the last fifteen years I have worked on projects, some financed by the European Union, in Eastern Europe, in counties which were formerly Communist

As a result of my travels I am convinced Britain is the best country in the World and that we are well placed to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. Above all we have had a stable existence for longer than most countries in the world. That stability is under threat every day and in every way from abroad and even more so from within. In particular our governments, both New Labour and Conservative, have handed power to the European Union in a way that suits them and in such a way they can blame their own failings on the European Union.. Further failed politicians from the UK have gained positions as European Commissioners.

Globalisation is of immense benefit to the people of Britain and in particular for older people. In such a world, and one where the economic power of Asia is growing fast, it is essential for Britain to be part of a powerful regional grouping- the European Union. The British attitude is one of reluctant acceptance to the European Union Knocking the European Union is a national pastime. Our attitude is self destructive. This needs to change as Europe needs our leadership.

So it is time for a fresh start with a new political party- Libertas. Only Libertas can cut through the cynicism, double dealing and reluctance shown by our political establishment towards Europe. The European Union must be sensitive to the wishes of its people. At the moment control lies with national governments. I believe that political control is too distant from the people of the European Union. Hence a powerful mandate is needed for the European Parliament to scrutinise the European Commission.

Voting on 4 June is vital for anyone who wants democracy in the European Union. That vote must be for Libertas. Only Libertas offers that opportunity. Vote on 4 June for Libertas. It may be the last chance to reform the European Union.

Thank you

John Harmer

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