Libertas Eastern Candidates

These are your Libertas candidates for the Eastern region:

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Henry Burton

As the son of a solider Henry Burton grew up moving house every few years, living for 7 years in Europe. When his father left the Armed Forces the family decided to put roots down in Newmarket, Suffolk.

Henry followed his father’s footsteps into the British Army and following an 8 year career, serving in the Balkans and Iraq, he moved to the commercial world where he now works in the insurance industry. He is married and has a young son.

Henry believes that the European Project has a vital role to play in ensuring peace and prosperity for its half a billion citizens, although the EU is increasingly becoming distant, self serving and is now largely in the hands of unaccountable elites. He believes that the European Project can only flourish on a foundation of democracy, accountability and transparency and that only Libertas, as the first and only pan European Party, can effect change and lead reforms that are desperately needed to breathe life and soul back into European ideal.

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