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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Andrew Jamieson

Hello, my name is Andrew Jamieson and I’m the Libertas candidate for the constituency of Eastern England in the European elections on June 4th, 2009. I’m fighting in this election because I’m really concerned about the hand-over of sovereignty to a body that is distant, opaque and unaccountable to the people it is supposed to serve. I’m a pro-European but worried that the European project has lost its way and needs to change to make a democratic, accountable Europe that people can believe in. I think this can only be addressed at a European level and on a pan-European basis.

I was born in Thornham in Norfolk in the house where I still live. Whilst pursuing a successful banking career spanning London, New York and Asia, my roots have remained firmly in East Anglia. For the last 10 years I’ve focused on my farm on the North Norfolk coast, developing sustainable small scale farming, growing a whole range of seasonally available fruit, vegetables and salads. The apple orchards alone are the home of more than 150 varieties of English Apple, including over 100 originating from East Anglia. Through my farming business I’ve become acutely aware of the difficulties and delays incurred by having to follow remote and irrelevant European legislation, which creates huge costs in terms of local employment, local produce and local autonomy.

I have a wealth of business and commercial experience, which I’d like to use to reform the EU. Since 1981 I’ve worked in the investment industry as a securities broker, investment banker and fund manager. I began my career with Vickers da Costa in London, later moving to Robert Fleming before being recruited to help launch Peregrine international in 1989, assisting in its growth to a USD 1.5bn company, first in the UK and then in Hong Kong. I currently work with the merchant bank MG Capital, and am based in London and Norfolk.

So what are Libertas’ and my priorities?

Because the economy is in an unprecedented mess, Libertas and I will ensure that EVERY penny spent by Europe demonstrates value-for-money, in order that we can safeguard our financial future, and that of our children.

Because I believe that democracy is one of the values that unites ALL Europeans, Libertas will make the EU truly open and accountable like never before. We want to publicise the way decisions are made and who makes them, so that we can make Europe work for us.

Because Europe has been run in secrecy by élites and bureaucrats that are simply unknown to most people, I want to be part of a grassroots movement that gives Europe back to the people.

That is why I ask you to vote for me and the new pan-European party Libertas on June 4th.

Thank you, Andrew Jamieson

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  1. You work in the finacial system (not the best example of how businesses behave) and you run a farm in Norfolk - which appears not to be organic - so how will you make time to be an MEP as well?