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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Musings on the launch

Libertas' Eastern launch received great coverage both on BBC Westminster and BBC Look East (links?). given the diversity of our Region, we had two launches: a walkabout in Watford with Declan Ganley and a students debate in Peterhouse, Cambridge.

Declan was born in Watford and had many friends in the Close where he lived; all keen Libertas supporters, needless to say, including the ex (conservative) mayor! To even up the political demographic, we have our local Watford candidate, ex-labour councillor John Dowdle. John is still well known in Watford, running as he does, the local Community Centre: the walkabout turned into a glad handing competition between him and Declan.

On to the debate at Peterhouse, held by kind permission of Professor Brenden Simms and the Henry Jackson Society.

Libertas' Pro-European message was warmly welcomed: with the storm over MP's expences just breaking, the urgent need for transparancy was much in people's mind! However, the long term development of EU was of greater focus at the meeting: a view well summed up in the enclosed peice written after the event by Professor Simms.

- Andrew Jamieson

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