Libertas Eastern Candidates

These are your Libertas candidates for the Eastern region:

Thursday, 30 April 2009

If you can't join us in Rome, join us online!

Over 1000 Libertas leaders, members, volunteers, supporters and special guests are joining us tomorrow in Rome for our first Libertas convention.

From 11am CET (10am GMT) we'll be streaming the convention live on

Thursday, 23 April 2009

East Anglia Game and Country Show

Libertas will be filming at the East Anglia Game and Country Show at the Norfolk Showground on Saturday 25th April. Come and find us there!

Contact Allie Wharf on 07711 415089

EU Bureaucrats’ worst nightmare

Something is happening across Europe... For the first time in history, a group of ordinary citizens has grabbed the attention of the bureaucrats in Brussels.

Yesterday, Libertas were attacked because we invited YOU – European people - to run as candidates in the European Election. Why would Brussels NOT want real people to be a part of the election? Because a movement of the people is their worst nightmare.

For too long, unelected bureaucrats - the same people who got us into this economic crisis - have been able to grab power and make decisions in back rooms, with no accountability and no vote by the people. Libertas puts an end to that. As Declan said, “We’re coming whether they like it or not.”

And, we are coming in big numbers. In the last few days, tens of thousands of you have signed our petition demanding a referendum on ANY new European Constitution or Treaty which transfers more power to Brussels. The people deserve a say.

But, the only way the people will get a say is with a grassroots movement demanding change. That’s why the most important thing you can do today is to grow our movement.

Please sign the petition and forward it on to all of your friends.

Click here to sign the petition.

The other 190 parties in the European Parliament don’t understand. They are content to take the people out of the process, relying on the same old politicians and the same old, tired ideas. They are happy for you to never even know the name of your local MEP or the 27 European Commissioners who make up to 80% of the laws affecting your life.

Libertas has a different approach…we are counting on YOU. If we continue to rely on hundreds of national parties with their own private, parochial and often petty political interests, we will NEVER change the status quo in Brussels. When you vote for any of these other parties, what you are really voting for is a weak Europe, a Europe that gives you no real say, and a continuation of the mess in Brussels.

Libertas began this movement because we believe that it’s time to take Europe back for the people. We stood up to the Brussels bureaucrats in Ireland and won… now our movement is spreading across Europe.

But there are only 42 days to go until the June election. What you do now really matters.

Please invite all of your friends to join our movement.

If you want a strong, democratic Europe that provides a real solution to the economic crisis; if you want a Europe where ONLY elected representatives make the laws; if you want a referendum on any Constitution; if you want to hold Brussels to account; if you want to renew the hope that we all had for Europe, then help build the first true party for Europe’s people. A party dedicated to openness, accountability, transparency and democracy.

If millions of us act together, as Europeans, we will create a new hope for the future – a Europe where Brussels is efficient, focused on creating jobs, restoring our economy and is accountable to the people.

There are millions of others like you who want a new Europe – they are your friends, your work colleagues, family members, neighbours, and members of your community and now we need you to get them to join our cause.

Our movement is in your hands. It will live or die based on what you do now.

Please email everyone in your contacts. Ask your friends. And get just one more person to join the movement today.

Libertas launches Blogads campaign

Libertas’ innovative new media campaign has reached new heights following the launch of a “blogads” campaign.

The adverts, which link to the Libertas website will be EU-wide and on a variety of topics. The first will feature on some of the UK’s most influential and popular political blogs, including Guido Fawkes.

Libertas can now reach out to the millions of people that check these blogs every day, and offer them the chance to stand up to the unelected Brussels bureaucrats who are trying to take more power for the EU, bypassing the views of the people of Europe.

Robin Matthews, Libertas Party Leader in the UK says:
"What this kind of innovative e-campaigning allows us to do is highlight exactly how badly all major national parties have let down British voters. It's not just that Labour have broken their promise to hold a referendum, or that the Tories are toothless and aimless in the face of Brussels. It is that their MEPs have gone totally native as well, voting themselves massive pay increases while British families go to the wall. It's time that somebody held them to account.''

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The end of Tom Wise's gravy train?

On Monday 20th April Tom Wise, an MEP for the East of England, was formally charged by Bedfordshire police over gross abuse of European Parliamentary Expenses. He was arrested in June last year after it was revealed that he allegedly claimed almost £40,000 of public money by claiming it was for a researcher’s salary.

Wise will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court next Monday on charges that carry a maximum term of 14 years. He first came to public attention over the article in the News of World (read it here detailing his lavish Brussels lifestyle and a singular lack of concern for any of his constituents in East Anglia.

Robin Matthews, Libertas Party in the UK leader says:

"If you thought Jacqui Smith's blue movies allowance was bad, just look at what our MEP's in Brussels are getting away with. While British families are struggling, MEPs are receiving big pay rises and gold-plated pensions. We simply cannot allow this kind of abuse of expenses to go on.”

“The fraudulent behavior, when it comes to expenses, from some of these MEPs in Brussels is becoming more and more frequent. It is conveniently shielded from public view - the MEP's have just voted to keep their expenses secret and this is why Libertas wants to put transparency slap bang in the middle of the EU. A pan-European campaign for real accountability and real reform in Brussels is the only way this can happen”

The charges against Mr Wise, an MEP for the East of England, come just under a month before European elections for which an EU-wide survey has forecast a record low turnout. They follow a series of claims about the misuse of the generous expenses on offer in Brussels, including the Conservative Chief Whip Den Dover being required to pay back £445,000 in “unaccountable expenditure”.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Welcome to Libertas Eastern

Libertas is the fresh and exciting new political force sweeping across Europe. We are dedicated solely to reforming the EU; we want to stop the waste, end the corruption and put democracy at the heart of Europe.

Libertas is the first and only pan-European party, which means that we will be big enough to bring about the sweeping changes needed, but only with your support.

We want a new kind of European Union, based upon democracy, transparency and accountability. Unelected and unanswerable elites in Brussels are making laws behind closed doors that change our lives, and threaten our jobs. It must stop.

Brussels isn’t listening. It’s time to make them.

Whichever party you voted for last time, it made no difference. If you want change, change your vote.