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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Growing Support for Libertas

With just two days to go before the EU elections, support for Libertas, the pan-European reform party is growing rapidly in the media. As the shine comes off UKIP as the alternative vote, journalists across the board are taking a fresh look at Libertas, the party that took on Brussels and won.

In just the last day or so, the Daily Mail included a glowing piece by Peter Oborne and then the Sun joined in with an endorsement by Trevor Kavanagh and a further compliment in the editorial.

Here are some of the highlights:

A better bet is Libertas, the new party that sensationally humiliated established political parties in Ireland last year. In a brilliant campaign, backed by The Sun, Libertas turned a near-certain YES into a bombshell NO on the Constitution.
- Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun

Many voters are tempted by the increasingly credible Libertas.”
-The Sun Says column

At a time of moral squalor and decay in Westminster and Brussels, both Libertas and Jury Team offer voters a hugely refreshing - and, perhaps, the only proper - alternative on Thursday.
- Peter Oborne, Daily Mail