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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Libertas launches Blogads campaign

Libertas’ innovative new media campaign has reached new heights following the launch of a “blogads” campaign.

The adverts, which link to the Libertas website will be EU-wide and on a variety of topics. The first will feature on some of the UK’s most influential and popular political blogs, including Guido Fawkes.

Libertas can now reach out to the millions of people that check these blogs every day, and offer them the chance to stand up to the unelected Brussels bureaucrats who are trying to take more power for the EU, bypassing the views of the people of Europe.

Robin Matthews, Libertas Party Leader in the UK says:
"What this kind of innovative e-campaigning allows us to do is highlight exactly how badly all major national parties have let down British voters. It's not just that Labour have broken their promise to hold a referendum, or that the Tories are toothless and aimless in the face of Brussels. It is that their MEPs have gone totally native as well, voting themselves massive pay increases while British families go to the wall. It's time that somebody held them to account.''

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